Monday, March 22nd, 2010
this Week in Wayfarers: 
* Jim & Linda Heffernan enjoy Keys as a Midwinters side trip in W2458
Groen sisters to join us for Killbear Rally in W6090
* Sean Ring (W907) tells tales from the land of Oz
* Jim Heffernan (W2458) shares the results of his floorboard replacement research
* 2008 Canadian champs, Mark and Paul Taylor (W7673) to represent us at 2010 Wayfarer Worlds
lengthy and appreciated W Ontarios LDSC tradition ends; move to Mississauga SC for 2010??
Nutshell (W938) team announces intended Chesapeake Cruise itinerary
* mid-March Chesapeake Cruise update from Commodore Dick (W887) Blue Mist
Subject: Jim & Linda Heffernan enjoy Florida Islands as a Midwinters side trip in W2458
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From: james Heffernan W2458
Cc: Linda Heffernan
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2010 9:50 AM
Subject: W2458 visits Florida Islands after Midwinters

Here is a little write-up about our sailing adventures in Southern Florida showing the flexibility of the Wayfarer.


With a two week span between the 2010 Wayfarer Midwinters and the George Washington Regatta at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Linda and I decided to take W2458 to some warmer parts of Florida.  We soon found out there were no warm spots, comparatively speaking, as Florida was smitten with cold and high winds.  We drove to Pineland Island which has a good ramp and secure parking for $15 a day at the Pineland Marina, where we launched for the six mile sail to Cayo Costa State Park.  

Cayo Costa is a separate island at the southwest end of Charlotte Harbor equipped with great camping and docking facilities.  We however, elected to rent a six bunk cabin which we would share with our kayaking friends who set out from Pineland an hour ahead of us.  We had planned for a two hour sail which would get us to the island well ahead of sunset and in time for transport to the cabin area.

The following east wind soon died and we began to paddle. When the light wind reappeared, it was on our nose and we were still a long way from the park.  As we approached what we thought was the entrance canal Linda once again paddled into the setting sun.

A feeling of dread began to creep into my head as I realized we might be at the wrong place. Soon we confirmed that this was the resident part of the island and not for visitors.  With only 20 minutes to sunset we furiously paddled out toward the Intracoastal Waterway looking for the entrance cove.  As we came around a point marked with a “Watch out for Manatees” sign, we could see anchored vessels and the far off docks of the State Park.  Well after sunset, we sailed up to the docks and tied Morningstar into a snug slip.  Knowing we had missed the last shuttle, we took only what we needed for the night and prepared to hike the .7 miles to the cabin area.  Fortunately we found a ranger to give us a lift on his ATV.   Our cabin mates welcomed us with a bottle of vino and a camp stove meal.

The cabins are sturdy and basic with six bunks , no electricity and a picnic table inside and out for $30 a night.  There are separate bathroom buildings with flush toilets and cold water showers.  Without ambient light, the night sky viewing is fantastic.  This is primitive unspoiled Florida as the natives would have lived.  Being remote, the day tourists are not as much in evidence and there is an abundance of peace and quiet, except for the Osprey living behind our cabin.

There are miles of pristine beaches with an abundance of shells. One visitor collected a beautiful arrangement  in one day and then displayed them on her cabin porch.

Within the State Park there are twelve miles of primitive hiking and biking trails.  Bike rentals are available with a selection of worn out and rusty beach and mountain bikes. This may be the end of the road for old bikes. We mostly had the beach to ourselves except for the shore birds and the Ospreys hunting near the surf.

After three nights, the return sail to the mainland was quick and cool as a strong north wind sent us skipping over the shallows and past the curious porpoises.

With Morningstar safely on her trailer we made the seven hour drive to Big Pine Key where we had rented a cabin at the Old Wooden Bridge fish camp.

This key is the home to the endangered Key Deer, a small species that look like tiny relatives of the Whitetail deer. Of course being protected, they are everywhere, eating anything they want including your lunch if you are careless.  Big Pine Key is also the spot where you can find the elusive No Name Pub, hidden on a back road near No Name Key.  This pub features good grub and thousands of autographed dollar bills hanging from every surface.

The sailing in this area is a little restricted due to low bridges and many shallows.  We mostly sailed near No Name Key, when the wind eased enough to get on the water.

The marina had kayaks for hire allowing us to explore the shallows and mangroves when the wind was too strong for W2458. The cold weather greatly affected the marine life in the Keys and also in the interior lakes.  The buzzards were happy as they consumed many of the decaying fresh and saltwater fish that could not handle the cold.  Even the Moray eels suffered.  As we kayaked and sailed, we did not see the usual small sharks and sting rays in the shallows. Let’s hope they recover with warmer conditions.

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To: james Heffernan
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010 8:17 PM

Hi, Jim and Linda:
Lovely!! I have posted you with a front-page billing as well. Sounds like an enticing trip - part or all of which I could contemplate emulating soon! Your report is also the first part of Monday's Weekly Whiffle.
Thanks for the brightness your report added to my day!!
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

Subject: Groen sisters to join us for Killbear Rally in W6090
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From: Annelies Groen W6090
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2010 4:04 PM
Subject: Killbear Cruising

Hi Alan,

I wanted to let you know I just reserved a site for the 8th to the 14th of August at Killbear Park and will be joining the group of  cruisers with my Wayfarer  KC 6090 and my sister, Monica Groen, in tow as crew.

Please keep us posted.


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To: Annelies Groen ; Alan Asselstine
Cc: Monica Groen ; Ted Rosen (W8231) ; Al Schonborn W3854 ; Alan Asselstine W7346 ; André et Monique Girard (W3098) ; Andrew Haill W9657 ; Andy Douma W9913 ; Bill Harkins W2526 ; Dick Harrington W887 ; Don Palac ; Ivan Pedersen W7350 ; Jim Fletcher W453 ; Joe Trepal ; Ron and Lori Baker W7356 ; Alastair Ryder-T W10137 ; Barry Hitchcock W7575 ; Bill Wallace W3130 ; Bridget Balint W4098 ; Chuck & Ginny Jordan W767 ; Chuck Smith W10245 ; Dave & Carol Hansman W282 ; Dennis Figley W7477 ; Frank Goulay W648 ; Frank Pedersen W8705 ; Fred Black W7379 ; Jason Whitlow W1492 ; Jim & Linda Heffernan W2458 ; Kit Wallace W1037 ; Lisa and David Nelson W10246 ; Lori Beehler W3140 ; Mary Abel ; Richard Johnson W10139 ; Richard Watterson W10423 ; Robert Mosher W3445 ; Scott and Darcy Sanders ; Sean and Elise Ring W907 ; Tim & Rosemary France ; Tom Erickson W275 ; Tom Graefe W9668 ; Tony Krauss W4105/276 ; Gary Hirsch W1321 ; Annelies at home W6090
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010 9:51 PM

Hey, Annelies:
That is indeed lovely news!! You will love the event!! I have added you to our list and will be happy to add you to our "Rally Slaves" gallery page if you'd care to provide mug shots. I can probably find one of you, Annelies, but it would be less work to have you send me something of your choice. Oh, and you are W6090 not 6030 - just to nitpick.
I have added you to our complete Rally mailing list and copied all of them for their and your reference.
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

Subject: Sean Ring (W907) tells tales from the land of Oz
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From: Sean Ring
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010 6:43 AM
Subject: Tales of the Wayfarer from the land of OZ

Hi Al,
Attached are the only pictures I have managed to get so far. It is not so easy to stop and shoot when trying to catch a ride for an afternoon.  Anyway, there are 2 Jolly Boats pictured and as far as I can gather this is the largest or possibly the only active fleet in the world.  Similar to the Wayfarer history, the were designed in England in 1954.  Below is info from Port Melbourne Yacht Club (PMYC) - my home away from home, our kind of people by far.  Last week was my first experience on a JB, and also on trapeze.  Today I crewed on a Flying Dutchman, and embarrassingly pulled off another first - I fell out of the boat approaching the finish of the last race of the day.  It was a rectangle course, and we rounded the last mark, tightened up, unfurled the genoa and swung the spinnaker over to a reach - As I pushed out to trapeze trusting that I was clipped in, I rolled right out of the boat and of course like an idiot I let the spinnaker sheet go and watched as Colin (my captain for the day) went into evasive action to prevent a capsize - He executed perfect emergency measures, let out the main, furled the genoa, dropped and stowed the shoot, and came around to pick me up...comfortingly I was later told over a beer by Sid (one of the life members of PMYC) that if you haven't fallen out of a boat, you haven't been sailing long enough.  The saga will continue next week as I will keep showing up until I have either ruined or elevated the chances of success for the year of anyone that lets me on their boat.
Fair Winds,
Sean W907 
"The Jollyboat is an Uffa Fox designed fast 18foot (5.5m) fast planing monohull that is sailed with a crew of 3. Jollyboats exist in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and France. The Jollyboats have spread to other Australian clubs but PMYC is the only Club in Australia that has a large Jollyboat fleet. The PMYC Jollyboats are sailed competitively by both males and females of all ages (one skipper is 74).
The Jollyboat was introduced to the PMYC in 1958 in an effort to regenerate flagging club membership. After several years of investigating suitable 18 to 20-foot 3-man dinghies available at that time, the Club decided on sponsoring the Jollyboat over other alternatives available at the time.

A completely rigged prototype Jollyboat Fairey Gesture was imported from the UK by the Club in 1958 and was trialed. Two more boats were built in 1960 and demonstrated
to other clubs their abilities, including a circumnavigation of Port Phillip Bay by six intrepid club members.  

The Club then embarked on an ambitious program and built 31 plywood hulls (laminated 5 ply, vacuum-moulded using formaldehyde glue).  25 hulls were built for club members and 6 hulls were built to on-sell to other clubs. Most of the spare hulls were purchased at that time by members of Beaumaris Yacht Club. Several Jollyboats still exist around Australia sailed by dedicated sailors.

The Jollyboat hulls were built in the front room of the old PMYC clubhouse that was originally situated south of the shore end of Lagoon Pier and were completed within 6 months by a dedicated team of members.  The Jollyboat fleet was launched at Port Melbourne in the Spring of 1962. The introduction of the Jollyboat did indeed attract new members to the Club and was the catalyst for the Club’s growth as one of Melbourne’s leading off-the-beach sailing clubs.

This large number of boats needed a new home as the straightening of the Beach Road S bend at HMAS Lonsdale meant that our clubrooms and boatshed were to be demolished. With the same co-operative spirit shown in building the JB’s, the club - under the leadership of Commodore Langlands - went on to build the boatshed now located opposite Bay Street and renovate the old lifeboat shed on the remnants of the town pier to become our new clubrooms. These major projects were again delivered by volunteer labor in just 18 months. Little did the club know that it would lose the clubrooms in a fire in 1996 and rebuild to give us the wonderful clubrooms we have today.

The Club currently has 16 Jollyboats of which approx 10 to 13 are sailed at the weekly summer season races. The current Jollyboat racing fleet consists of a mixture of the original plywood hull boats, which are lovingly maintained, in racing condition, and newer fiberglass hulled boats.  

The Australian Jollyboat Association has participated in three World Championships – Toronto in 1967, North Carolina in 1969 and PMYC hosted the 1970 series in Melbourne.   In these Championships, PMYC Jollyboats crews won the World title twice - Volley II (1969) and Ramrod II (1970).

The “Ashes” series was created some years ago to attract past members back to the Club.  It is held bi-annually involving past Jollyboat sailors who return to race the Jollyboats in a 2-short-race contest. The crew / Jollyboat combinations are changed for the second race based on the results of the first race, being adjusted such that the winning crew of the 1st race sail the last boat home from the 1st race, in the 2nd race.   The last crew home of the 1st race sail the winning boat from the 1st race, in the 2nd race.   All other crew / Jollyboat combinations are adjusted similarly.  The trophy “The Ashes” includes an evening dinner to be held on the Sat March 1st.   A BBQ lunch will follow two races on the Sunday morning where the perpetual trophy containing the “Ashes” of the first PMYC World Champion Jollyboat Volley II will be presented to the overall winning crew.

March 1st and 2nd will indeed be an active weekend for PMYC which as well as conducting normal Club yacht racing, the start of the Australian Jollyboat Championship’s and the “Ashes”, is also hosting the 2 day State Sabot Championship which is expected to be contested by up to 30 boats. We hope to see you there …The PMYC invites all past Club members and anyone with an interest in off-the-beach sailing to visit our Club during the Ashes weekend and participate in our Anniversary celebrations.

The PMYC has a new Clubhouse located over the water at the end of Bay Street Port Melbourne and welcomes both active sailing members as well as social members.  Everyone is welcome to visit our Club and view the events from the balcony overlooking the water.  The Club’s café / canteen and bar will be open for patron enjoyment."

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To: Sean Ring W907
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010 9:33 PM

Fine stuff, Sean! Congrats on your impromptu swim!! I like the comments from Sid, and I couldn't agree more - having fallen out of the boat a few times myself!! Thanks for the nice pics, too... Look forward to more reports!!
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

Subject: Jim Heffernan (W2458) shares the results of his floorboard replacement research
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From: james Heffernan W2458
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 8:25 PM
Subject: floorboard finishing

Hi Al, 

Saw some discussion regarding floorboards and thought I would throw in my comments. Am currently building some new floorboards since my 40-year-old ones are delaminating badly and absorbing water, thus weighing in at nearly 50 lbs. I am using 3/8 marine Okouma plywood which I obtained from a Beaufort, NC mill outlet. I sought advice on the finish, and got ideas from John DeBoer, the NC Maritime Museum, B&B Boat Designs, the Antique Classic Boat Company in Cincinnati and the Wayfarer kit building manual.

The Wayfarer kit recommends using Deks Olje on the floorboards. This is a penetrating oil rather than a sealer.  Since this product is no longer available in the US, (due to VOC’s?), I sought out some advice from an old boat builder at the Maritime Museum boatbuilding  center. He had some familiarity with a product made by Land Ark NW that is a penetrating oil used for exposed timbers in house building. 

This is a product that is made up of tung oil, aged linseed oil, beeswax, pine rosin, pure citrus oil and zinc oxide for UV protection.   I have decided to use this since I want a good feel for my bare feet and do not want to slide on varnish or epoxy.  It is also environmentally good, using all natural ingredients.

The website has a lot of info on the exterior oil  and the method of application at
The owner of the company recommends 3 coats initially, wet on wet, followed in 3 months with a final coat.
Cost is around $70 a gallon. 

Hope this helps,

Jim Heffernan

Subject: 2008 Canadian champs, Mark and Paul Taylor (W7673) to represent us at 2010 Wayfarer Worlds
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From: Mark Taylor W7673
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 5:18 PM
Subject: Worlds

Paul and I are thinking of doing the Worlds this year.  My work sched may have opened up just now.  Anyone from canada going?  How do we make sure we don't get a sinking Wayfarer?


Mark Taylor (l) and brother, Paul

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To: Mark W7673
Cc: Michael McKechnie W10377
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 4:17 PM

Great, Mark. How lovely it would be to have Canada (well) represented at the Worlds. I'm sure Mike McKechnie (copied) will ensure that you won't get a repeat of your 1998 Yellow Submarine experience where the boat promptly lived up to its name. As you two are recent Canadian champions, I am sure that the organizers will do their best to get you a boat you'll be happy with.
Do keep me and everyone else posted.
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

Subject: lengthy and appreciated W Ontarios LDSC tradition ends; move to Mississauga SC for 2010??
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From: Robin Allardyce W6081
Cc: Andy Douma ; Bill Fyfe ; Bob Blackett ; Bruce Henderson ; Doug Netherton ; Frank Goulay ; Lori Beehler ; Marilyn & Paul Pineault ; Mary & Alan Asselstine ; Michael Heath-Eves ; Michel & Frances Bourbonnais ; Robin Allardyce ; Ruth & jamie Abbott ; 
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 4:55 PM
Subject: Ontarios

I must inform you that, after deliberation by the Wayfarer members and in consultation with others within the club, LDSC has chosen not to host the Wayfarer Ontarios in 2010. The declining attendance of members of the Ontario fleet at this regatta, for a variety of reasons, has resulted in the event becoming mostly a club members event.
The Wayfarer regatta has a 27 year history here and all members of the club welcomed and supported this weekend event over the decades. However, the Wayfarers here feel it is time to turn the event back to the CWA to allow another club to take on the privilege of hosting or perhaps to relegate the event to the annals of Wayfarering in the province. Times and tastes and ability to travel are changing and this has taken a toll on the registrations here in Ottawa. Perhaps another venue or a redefining of the event will be more successful going forward if the Ontarios are to continue.
I regret the late notice but we here in Ottawa did not want to make this decision in haste.
Please forward this notice on to the CWA Board with our regrets. We have greatly enjoyed hosting the event, the great sailing and the camaraderie of the members of the fleet who participated here over the years.
Look forward to seeing you on the water.
Best Regards
Robin Alllardyce
Regatta Chair. 2006-2009

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To: Robin Allardyce
Cc: Nick Parker (W982) ; Jens & Sharon Biskaborn W7663 ; Hans Gottschling W938 ; Doug Netherton W1366 ; David Platt W7218 ; David Platt W7218 ; Mike & Darlene Codd W421 ; Al Schonborn W3854 ; Alastair Ryder-T W10137 ; Frank Goulay W648 ; Fred Black W7379 ; George Blanchard W4600 ; Heider Funck W600 ; John de Boer W7351 ; Kit Wallace W1037 ; Paul Robinson W10131 ; Peter Rahn W286 ;  Ruth & jamie Abbott ; Robin Allardyce ; Michel & Frances Bourbonnais ; Michael Heath-Eves ; Mary & Alan Asselstine ; Marilyn & Paul Pineault ; Lori Beehler ; Bruce Henderson ; Bob Blackett ; Bill Fyfe ; Andy Douma
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:36 PM

Hi, Robin:
I am truly sorry to hear this. For me, being at the LDSC has for decades been a cornerstone to a successful season of W sailing. Still, I cannot deny that we as a Class have failed to respond by taking advantage of the unfailingly marvellous events you put on for us, and that it serves us right to lose this event.

One thing that would have been nice would have been a warning that the plug would be pulled if attendance did not pick up. I suppose there is no hope of setting up a 2010 Ontarios with the proviso that it will need x number of entries (15?) pre-paid by 1 July (??) or be cancelled - they sometimes do this in DK. Of course, you'd likely have to reach the min. number without those going to the Worlds in mid-July (like me, likely) or move the event towards the end of August? One last appeal to consider is the members of your growing W Fleet for many of whom this event has been their one racing contact with the outside W world.
I have copied the CWA Exec and Fleet Capts. in hopes of getting brilliant suggestions, and will also eagerly hear your thoughts on my proposal(s)?
Regardless of how it turns out, I personally thank you so much, Robin, and the many LDSC members who have worked hard for decades to make the Ontarios unfauilingly one of our most enjoyable events each year. The memories will always be great ones!
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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From: Robin Allardyce
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 10:19 AM

Here it is, the 5th of March and we haven't finished with the decision. You make a good case for experimenting with a tentative offering of the regatta - "Regatta will be held pending sufficient paid registrations by July 1". But given the amount of work to ensure volunteers for the social side as well as putting together a Race committee amongst the many days of racing, other club sailing events and two external regattas held here at LDSC throughout the summer means organizing voulnteers must begin in about a month's time. I'm certain that this is the same at all the clubs in the province. Gathering a slate of volunteers at the "last minute" for an event in the midst of a vacation month is not my first choice of best management practices.
Let's see what can be done with the Ontarios. I think it deserves a rethink which was what I was trying for at LDSC over the past four years. Thus I regret that we must stand by our initial decision to relinquish the regatta to the CWA for action in the 2010 season.

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From: John / Dolores de Boer
To: Robin Allardyce ; Al Schonborn
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 2:05 PM
Hi All,
... regarding the Ontarios if it means that they should be continued, is it possible to mix them in with the North Bay ragatta like we did with the Nationals two years ago? I for one volenteer to assist in some of the organizing paperwork required helping our North Bay friends. Just a thought.
John and Dolores W 7351 SILVERFOX

From: Al Schonborn []
Sent: March 6, 2010 7:57 AM

To: John / Dolores de Boer; Robin Allardyce
Sounds like a fine one-year stop-gap measure to me. Perhaps we could score the Ontarios as a combination of the Cruise Race plus Don Rumble - with the Cruise counting double - like the long-distance race used to at the Wind Bag??
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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From: Dave & Carol Hansman W282
Cc: 'John / Dolores de Boer' ; W9657, Andrew Haill ; W648, Frank Goulet ; W4667, Sue Pillling ; W4606, Dwight Aplevich ; W3140 Lori Beehler ; W1366, Doug Netherton ; W1037, Kit Wallace ; 'Richardson, David'
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 1:12 PM
Subject: Ontarios in North Bay

Hello Al:
We discussed this last week when John and Dolores were up visiting.  The combination you suggest sounds interesting and may set a new trend, although there may be people who can’t make all the events.  We will think further about the combination scoring.
Further to our discussion on this end, we would forego the Trout Lake Poker event this year in favour of the following line-up of events:
July 1 (Thursday) – NBYC Annual Canada Day race
July 2 (Friday) – National Long Distance (Cruise) Race
July 3 (Saturday) – Don Rumble Series and first Day of Ontarios (similar combination to what we did for the Canadians in ’08)
July 4 (Sunday) – second day of Ontarios
There really is no extra work for us, so we would be happy to host.

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To: DC Hansman
Cc: 'John / Dolores de Boer' ; W9657, Andrew Haill ; W648, Frank Goulet ; W4667, Sue Pillling ; W4606, Dwight Aplevich ; W3140 Lori Beehler ; W1366, Doug Netherton ; W1037, Kit Wallace ; 'Richardson, David'
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 3:11 PM

Hi, Dave:
Sounds interesting, Dave, but the CWA Exec just decided this AM that we should ask the Mississauga SC if we can piggy-back our Ontarios onto their C-BOD Regatta July 10-11?? This would let us avoid losing yet one more event from our schedule. I'll keep you posted, Dave.
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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To: Mark Taylor W7673 ; Scott Hansen MSC
Cc: Nick Parker (W982) ; Jens & Sharon Biskaborn W7663 ; Hans Gottschling W938 ; Doug Netherton W1366 ; David Platt W7218 ; David Platt W7218 ; Mike & Darlene Codd W421 ; Al Schonborn W3854 ; Alastair Ryder-T W10137 ; Frank Goulay W648 ; Fred Black W7379 ; George Blanchard W4600 ; Heider Funck W600 ; John de Boer W7351 ; Kit Wallace W1037 ; Paul Robinson W10131 ; Peter Rahn W286 ; Robin Allardyce (W6071)
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 2:22 PM
Subject: 2010 C-BOD = W Ontarios????
Hi, Scott and Mark:
the CWA Exec just decided this AM that I should ask the Mississauga SC if we can piggy-back our 2010 Ontario Championships onto your C-BOD Regatta July 10-11?? Does that sound as good to you as it does to me??!! And are those the correct dates? And while I have your attention, are Sept. 11-12 the correct dates for the W/CL Regatta in 2010?
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854) 

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From: John / Dolores de Boer
To: Al Schonborn ; Mark Taylor W7673 ; Scott Hansen MSC
Cc: the usual suspects
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 2:42 PM
Hi All,
I believe that sailors attending these events (Sorry I missed the meeting) should have a say where the venues are most likely to benefit all of us. I therefore feel that the MSC Regatta on its own is a very well liked event but not too many of the Northerners and Ottawanians show up for this for various reasons including time of travel, if we have the North Americans there or the Canadians in the future that is a bonus. Having said that, I favour the Ontarios to be piggy-backed with the Nort Bay regatta so that our Ottawa friends can join us they have in the past and few Toronto sailors have showed up lately. It will also reduce drastically travel expenses for those of us who have to watch this.
I for one favour the ONT's to be in North Bay as you can tell to reduce my travelling expenses and enjoy the fine accommodation.
John and Dolores de Boer W 7351 SILVERFOX

From: "Al Schonborn" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 15:06:49 -0500
To: John / Dolores de Boer; Mark Taylor W7673; Scott Hansen MSC
Hi, John:
It is not as though North Bay won't be there for us all to enjoy. The advantage of going with the C-BOD plan is that it gives those who wish to, another fine regatta to attend. Piggybacking onto North Bay simply kills off another of our sailing weekends.
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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From: Martin Boeykens
Cc: MSC-Mark Taylor ; MSC-Scott Hansen
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 10:47 AM
Hi Al,

We welcome the oportunity to host both regattas on the same weekend, it would make for a great event. However, we don't have enough on water resources to run two courses simultaneously.
CBOD 2010 alone requires four individual starts, perhaps five. This year the Melges 20 fleet was invited to participate on this event.
Let me know,
Martin Boeykens

----- Original Message -----
From: Al Schonborn
To: Martin Boeykens
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1:08 PM
Hi, Martin:
Sounds fine to me! Will that be July 10-11? Please send me an NOR when available.
See you soon.
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

------ Original Message -----
From: Scott Hansen
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 2:16 PM
Subject: RE: 2010 C-BOD = W Ontarios????

To clarify, we would love to partner with the W guys to hold the event at MSC. We would however require additional on water support for a second course (two power boats and additional people to man those boats). As far as the regatta management and food prep, we can handle the additional people.
Scott Hansen

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From: Martin Boeykens
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 6:32 PM

Another option would be to host Wayfarers Ontario, in September with our regular Wayfarer regatta. We would be more than happy to organize such event at MSC. Sorry that it wouldn't work July10-11,

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 10:00 PM

Hi, Martin:
We're already doubling two other regattas, i.e. have lost two weekends' racing and I would be sad to see us lose another. If Mark's suggestion of letting the W's (and CL's!!) be just another fleet on your one course is feasible, I think our guys would be happy with that rather than doubling up with the W/CL Regatta which would cost us yet another weekend's sailing. 
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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From: Martin Boeykens
Cc: MSC-Scott Hansen ; MSC-Mark Taylor
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 5:17 PM

Hi Al,

we are seriously considering Wayfarers in CBOD2010, we are looking for individuals manage and run the event, since most of our active members will be participating in the race, we will keep you posted,

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To: Martin Boeykens
Cc: Anna/Tom Wharton W600 ; MSC-Mark Taylor ; MSC-Scott Hansen
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 4:12 PM

Hi, gang:
Spoke with Tom yesterday. For sure, Anna will be happy to bring Killick. One more boat may be a possible. Anna & Tom copied.
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)
Subject: Nutshell (W938) team announces intended Chesapeake Cruise itinerary
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From: Gary Hirsch
Cc: Richard Harrington ; Chuck Smith W10245 ; Jim Fletcher W453 ; Kit Wallace W1037 ; Sean and Elise Ring W907 ; Robin Moseley W1445 ; Tom Graefe W9668 ; Alan Asselstine W7346 ; Mary Abel ; Tom Erickson W275 ; Jeff & Fran Kirk (CL ???) ; Bill Harkins W2526 ; Jim & Linda Heffernan W2458 ; Chris Walden W1395 ; Richard Watterson W10423 ; Hans Gottschling W938 ; Tony Krauss W4105/276 ; "André et Monique Girard (W3098)" ; Brandon McClintock W3576 ; Steve Roney (CL1852) ; Pauli Zmolek ; Robert Mosher W3445
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 10:12 AM
Subject: Chesapeake Cruise plans

... My experience from the past two years shows that there have been some differing opinions from the B&B sailors and the BT (boom tent) sailors that always got ironed out in the final analysis.  I am sure it will again this year.  The added number of boats this year will most likely make the different styles much more compatible.  There are enough participants to form more than one fleet for the different venues.  And those of us on the fence are able to pick the one that suits us best.  I hope that at some point we will all end up in the same port to share stories along with whatever else is in the bilge.

What fun!

Gary (W1321)

PS - I think that it would be helpful closer to the date, that each of us commits to a planned ETA to Crisfield.  I remember my first year, arriving first and wondering if I was at the right place.

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Fine ideas, Gary. In my planning, I have assumed Dick still wants us all to meet at Smith Island on the Wednesday. Thus the Nutshell group - likely to include the Fletchers, Tony and Mary, Hans and Al - plans the following - weather permitting:
Sun 30 May: Crisfield for set-up and Marina check-in - Hans and I are booked into the Paddlewheel/Capt. Tyler's

Mon. 31 May: sail to Smith Island - stay at the Marina - W938 (Hans and I) have left message asking Pauli to hold us a room

star marks location of SUN-E-BANKS

Tues 1 June: sail across Bay to Smith Point - Hans and I have reserved the SUN-E-BANK Guest House that can accommodate up to 9 people comfortably: 4 spoken for: Hans, me, the Fletchers
Wed 2 June: as for Tues. back to Smith Is. to meet up with rest of fleet - party time??? BYOB!!!

Thurs 3 June: Smith to Tangier with whole fleet - find B&B accommodations once we know we'll be there

Fri 4 June: sail to Onancock via Watts - beg Gary and his motor to accompany us - W938 booked into the Yellow Room at the Inn and Garden Cafe

Sat 5 June: return to Crisfield - W938 booked into Paddlewheel again - start trip home early Sunday - perhaps leave boat at Rock Hall for US Nats the following week-end
Fun thinking about this, isn't it?
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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Al, Gary, Fletchers:
Have you heard from the Fletchers?  I haven't received an answer as to which of the groups they plan to join.
Regarding the B&B aspect:  Your plan sounds fine provided the weather holds suitable.  I'm hoping that there will be no delays effecting the R&I group arriving at Smith Is. on Wednesday.  They may have a long sail that day.  Jane and I would also like to sail to Smith Point, as I mentioned when I first introduced the idea.  Whether we can do it or not will depend upon who among the new comers isn't going with the R&I and if I will need to hang around Smith Is.  We would be boat camping. though.  However, I'm not crossing over to the west side in questionable weather, even though it'll only be 12 NM as the crow flies.  I've seen how treacherous the waves can become in the central part of the Bay.  Tony should be ware of that as well.  You and Hans have assured me that in a bind you'll have a boom tent and can sleep on the boat.  All the B&B types need to be able to do the same.  That is all I have to say about it.  The B&B part of the cruise is your responsibility.

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Hi, Dick:
Had a long and enjoyable phone conversation with Jim (Fletcher) yesterday who plans to be part of the Island Group. Everything you say sounds great to me!! And I liked the summary you sent today!!
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

Subject: mid-March Chesapeake Cruise update from Commodore Dick (W887) Blue Mist
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Hi All,
This is just a quick up-date.
As far as I know, everyone except for Jane and me, are planning to arrive in Crisfield on Sunday, May 30th.  We will get there as early as possible on Monday morning.  From Monday through Wednesday we will be split into two groups - the 'River & Islands' (R&I) group and the 'Islands' group. 

The R&I group will spend Monday and Tuesday exploring and boat camping on the Manokin and Wicomico Rivers.  Then on Wednesday they will sail to, and join up with the Island group at Ewell, on Smith Island (lower right in map above).  From there we will all sail together.  Thursday we'll sail to Tangier.  On Friday, assuming all is still going to schedule, there will be two options: a) Sail to Watts Island and then back to Tangier, or, b) Continue on from Watts I. to Onancock with Al Schonborn and company.  On Saturday everyone will return to Crisfield.  Note:  It is a very long sail back from Onancock to Crisfield.
The 'Islands' group will be staying in marinas and sleeping in their boats.  I will lead this group.  Al Schonborn and Hans will be staying in B&Bs or motels.  Others planning to do this should coordinate with Al.  The plan is to sail together to Ewell, on Smith Is., Monday.  If conditions are favorable on Tuesday we will cross the Bay to Smith Point, overnight in a marina, and then return to Ewell, Wednesday.
R&I group participants:
  1. Jeff & Fran Kirk - Connecticut - newcomers
  2. André Girard - Ottawa (solo)
  3. Gary Hirsch - Michigan  + Steve Roney - Kingston?, ON
  4. Richard Watterson - PA (expects crew)
  5. Robert Mosher (probable) - Michigan (solo) 
  6. Kit & Mark Wallace - Toronto & CA - Kit is an old-timer but new to this cruise, son Mark is new
  7. Rick Nelson - Indiana (solo?) - a newcomer
Unfortunately Chris Walden (Georgia) had to cancel out.

To summarize: The R&I group looks to be 11 people, including one female, sailing in 7 boats.
 Islands group participants:
  1. Al Schonborn & Hans Gotschling - Toronto
  2. Tony & Mary Krauss - Michigan
  3. Jim & Maribeth Fletcher - Michigan - newcomers 
  4. Chuck & Cathy Smith - Tulsa, Oklahoma - newcomers
  5. Jason Whitlow & fiancée - Sperry, Oklahoma - newcomers
  6. Dick Harrington & Jane Korver - Geneva, OH
Summary:  The total number of participants (both groups) is 23, six being female, sailing in 13 boats.

Corrections to the above are welcome.
Jane and I will be away starting March 17th through March 28th.  If any of you have questions, contact me before then.  Otherwise, I'll be back in touch when we return.

Wishing everyone many happy thoughts.  As Al says, half of the fun is the excitement of getting ready.