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Subject: 2013 Chesapeake Cruise plan finalized - weather permitting, of course
From: Richard Harrington
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 4:45 PM
Subject: Ches-Cruise-Final, a.k.a. Plan C

Greetings again, Wayfarer cruising friends:

Good news!  With lots of help from Uncle Al and David Laux (our local source of knowledge) we've got a good proposal to put before you - Al's Plan C.  I'll give you an overview and then go into details.

Sunday and Monday remain the same. We'll meet Sunday at Cedar Hill State Park Marina and stay overnight there.  Jane and I will not arrive until later in the afternoon while Al & Tony will arrive by water from Wenona Harbor (Saturday I think).  Monday we will sail to the Whitehaven B&B & Marina on the Wicomico R. Some of us are planning to book rooms at the B&B.

Tuesday, instead of Scotts Cove we will sail to Wenona Harbor.  Wenona (not shown on my NOAA chart) is situated on the southern tip of Deal Island at the gut separating Deal and Little Deal islands.  There is a good State boat launch and a restroom facility there.  On Wednesday we will sail across Tangier Sound to Pauli's Smith Island Marina.  Thursday we will return to Wenona where Al & Tony will pull out and head for home.  

On Friday the remainder of the group will sail back to Cedar Hill. That will conclude the official part of the cruise.

Note: This plan does not make allowances for bad weather.  If necessary revisions will have to be made.

Confirmations:  I need confirmation from all of you to reserve slips at Cedar Hill Marina and hold rooms at Whitehaven Hotel.  (You'll need to make your own reservation.)  I want to make these reservations ASAP (this week) because time might be running short.  I don't know how quickly bookings fill up down there.

Whitehaven B&B:  I contacted them on Saturday and am waiting a reply - e.g., for reservations on Monday, May 26.  I requested room availability and rates; rooms with two beds; possible meals other than breakfast; and the possibility of being able to sleep on aboard boats (plus rates?).  As soon as I hear back I'll let you know.  You can find the web page by Google-ing  Whitehaven Hotel, MD.  It contains quite a bit of information.
Food at Whitehaven:  When I get to talk to the B&B I'll ask them about a dinner meal Monday when we arrive.  But I'm not expecting they'll do that.  If that's the case, my next question will be how can we find a restaurant.  The past two years when cruising the Choptank R. we actually fortunate to have two marinas who provided us with loaner cars.  Can we get so lucky again?
Alternative food plan:  Because this whole region is so remote, it has long been in the back of my head we might need to organize a group pot luck dinner once or twice.  This would entail several boats - not all - being prepared to cook for the group.  I'm thinking that might be Tom Goldsmith, Steve Roney and myself.  Three is enough to handle the group. We would jointly plan menus and divide up procurement responsibility. Everyone would be responsible for part of the food and supplying their individual eating utensils, plates, cups, etc.  Can Whitehaven offer a picnic area?  We will discuss this in more detail when we know more.         

Wenona:  Scotts Cove, as well as any alternative at Deal Is. harbor were just not attractive. There's nothing there. Unfortunately, there are no other marinas nearby. So Al and me, consulting with David Laux, started looking at the State of Maryland-operated boat launch ramps.  There are quite a few in the area.  Some of these are pretty good and most provide portable toilets.  Portable toilets didn't thrill me but I wanted to give it a shot before throwing in the towel.  I felt the facility at Dames Quarter Creek, located on Deal Is. a short ways out from the mouth of Micowico R. held possibilities.  There is a big fishing pier we could tie up to and a potable toilet (referred to as a temporary toilet).  But being remote we would have to resort to the pot luck dinner approach noted above.  The biggest problem, however, was the +/-17 nm sailing distance to Smith Is. We decided this was a little too much.
At Wenona we discovered a much better situation. There is very good boat ramp with permanent toilets. Based upon the toilet at the State launch at Crisfield there should be a decent washroom, albeit, with cold running water only. No showers of course.The fact sheet lists dock rentals, but I expect this is mostly intended for locals. The Google sat pics show plenty of dockage, albeit most likely largely commercial (watermen). Nervertheless, I feel confident we will find space to tie up. The web page for Wenona lists three delis along with some tourist information.  What I need to do next is contact someone in Wenona (possibly one of the delis) to find out how we might find space to tie up overnight.

Restaurants/Wenona:  Al & Tony's car and trailer will be parked at Wenona.  I've invited Al to follow this email with his thoughts regarding dinner Tuesday.  Al's note: Dick recalls a nice restaurant an estimated 15 mins'. drive from Wenona. I could drive the whole group uo and back in two segmants - or we could do the drive in one go if someone else wants to start and finish at Wenona like I plan to.

Conclusion.  I've tried to condense a lot of information into this email.  If I've missed something I hope Al corrects me.  If you have questions let me know.


earlier versions of our plan

Cc: Tony Krauss W864 ; Tom Goldsmith W8343 ; Tom Erickson W275 ; Robert Mosher W3445 ; Richard Watterson Wanderer1681 ; Pauli Zmolek ; Hans Gottschling W938 ; Gary Hirsch W4573 ; Don Longmire CL1068 ; Al Schonborn W3854 ; Jeff & Fran Kirk CL2774
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:06 PM
Subject: 2013 Chesapeake Cruise plan revised

Al and All........Here is my revised plan.

Sunday, May 26 - Jane and I arrive and meet with everyone at Cedar Hill Park marina.  Launch and sleep on board.

Monday, May 27 - Make a brief run up the Nanitcoke R., stopping for a look see at the old pier and sandy beach at Tyaskin before heading to Whitehaven on the Wicomico R.  Stay at the Whithaven marina that night.  Bunking at the Whitehaven Hotel B&B would be an option. 

Tuesday, May 28 - Sail to Scotts Cove on Deal Is.  Stay overnight there.

Wednesday, May 29 - If suitable sail to Ewell on Smith Is.  (Regarding Jane and me that would depend upon how Jane is doing.)

Thursday, May 30 -
 Return to either Scotts Cove or Cedar Hill.  Ewell to Cedar Hill would be too much for Jane and me but doable for Al & Tony - weather agreeable.  (I'm not familiar with Ezra's sailing experience so can't make a judgement.)


Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 12:40 PM
Subject: Ches Cruise alternative itinerary?

Hi, Dick et al:
I am just updating the Cruise web page (http://www.wayfarer-canada.org/00coming.up/13Ches/13ChesCruise_updates.html) and am realizing that expecting to make the long run from Ewell back to Cedar Hill and then drive back to Detroit, all on the Thursday is not really doable. If there is BOD racing on the Friday - still uncertain - I will need to do something like the following:
destination: group
Al 's plan B

Crisfield > Ewell
Cedar Hill
CH (plan B: WH)
Scotts Cove
Ewell (plan B: Crisfield)
Crisfield > Detroit
... Just spoke with Nick - sounds like we'll race three days (Fri-Sun) at the BOD.
Best regards,
Uncle Al (W3854)

To support this plan Dick has learned the following:
Cedar Hill Park Marina (it is a State Park I believe).  There is a lot of great information on the website <www.cedarhillmarina.com> and I talked to Nancy at the marina.  The manager is Chuck Poole.  The reception was very pleasant.  We can contact the marina and they will hold slips for us (they have two harbors).  There is no launching fee, slips (10 feet) are $20/night.  There is plenty of parking and no problem leaving our cars/trailers for the week.  There is a nice picnic pavilion and one restaurant close by.

Whitehaven Marina and Whitehaven Hotel (B&B).  I wasn't able to contact the marina directly but learned from Whitehaven Hotel that accommodations are available at the B&B and the marina during the week we would be there.  The two appear to be one entity.  The hotel is very attractive.  You can view the marina via <Marinas.com/view/marina/4346_whitehaven_MD_United_States> and the B&B via <whitehaven.tripod.com>.  In the view of the marina, the B&B can be seen just to the right of the marina.  The ramp to the cable car ferry crossing the WICOMICO separates the two.  Once I get a better idea how many people are coming on the cruise I'll get back to the B&B for more details, such as costs.  Al's question: But the real plan is only to spend the night at Whitehaven if we can't make it to Deal, right, Dick? So no point trying to reserve anything at this time??

Scotts Cove Marina.  See <Marinas.com/view/marina/4220_Scott%27s_Cove_Marina_Chance_MD>.  The web email reservation address isn't working, nor either of the two phone numbers I have.  Both say out of service.  However, I feel that the marina is likely still there but shut down for the winter.  But what are the facilities like?  It could be several weeks before they open.  Dave Laux, brother of Brian Laux, boat builder and small boat sailor who lives in the area has been giving  me tips and advice.  He may be able to learn more in the meantime.

select group of three currently poised to do the 2013 Chesapeake Cruise
To: Richard Harrington ; Tom Goldsmith ; Ezra Bryan; Al Schonborn
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2013 9:01 PM
Subject: 2013 Chesapeake Cruise plan unveiled

Dear Cruising gang:

Thanks for responding to my latest email.  Though I had hopes we would add more participants to the cruise it never the less helps to know those who remain interested even if they are unable to attend.  

Presently we stand as Uncle Al (& who knows whom?), Tom Goldsmith & Ezra Bryan, plus myself & maybe Jane participating.  Al is departing early (Thursday).  There are three boats with just one at full capacity for sure.  This is a small turnout - as has been the problem the previous two years.  It's early and I'm still praying for a miracle to bring one or two more boats on board.  Regardless, I always travel to the Chesapeake area this time of year to visit the families of two of my daughters living in Pennsylvania & Maryland and refuse to leave Blue Mist home.  So there will be some kind of a cruise, even if I need to scale it back to some extent.

Thanks for responding............DICK      

Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 7:48 PM

Hi, gang:
Just got off the phone with Tony Krauss who would like to sail the Chessie Cruise with me but has to check his Calendar before giving me an answer later this week, Anyway, numerous or not, we'll have a great time, I am sure. Sorry to see that Jeff and Fran cannot make it this year but look forward to seeing them at the Rally at Killbear. See you next month, guys.
Message for Tom:
If you need a fellow B&B guy, here I am. If Tony sails with me and Ezra also wants to sleep aboard perhaps they can share one tent or the other??
Rally: Is your wife sailing the Rally with you, Tom? If so, can you provide a picture so that our Rogues Gallery can be completed - see http://www.wayfarer-canada.org/00coming.up/2013Killbear/Rally_mugs_2013v12.pdf
Best regards,
Uncle Al (W3854)