the 2018 Chesapeake Bay Cruise
Crisfield < Smith Island > Tangier Island > Watts Island > Crisfield
Sunday 27 May through Thursday 31 May
last updated: 20 June 2018 at 1103 hrs
2018 provides another enjoyable Chesapeake Cruise

(180610) Another fine Chesapeake Cruise is in the books. Two wooden classics and one CL16 met up on Sunday 27 May at Somers Cove in Crisfield, Maryland. Coming all the way from Hubbard, Nova Scotia with their lovely CL, were Iain and Lesley Tulloch who arrived a few days early and were happily ensconced in a tent at the Janes Island campground just north of Crisfield. While awaiting the arrival of Dick Harrington's Blue Mist, we launched the other two boats into a perfect, hot sailing breeze on Somers Cove. Tony Krauss and Annelies Groen sailed Uncle Al's SHADES a.k.a. Glory Days while Al did a couple of hours' coaching with Iain and Lesley. The latter subsequently decided to stick to Janes Island where they could comfortably cook their own food and not have to worry about forecast thunderstorms. Iain and Lesley did come down Monday morning to see us off from the Crisfield Marina, promising to re-join us in Greensboro where Tony, Annelies and Al - and now Iain and Lesley, also - were due to race in the Mayor's Cup. But that is - as Jack Lemmon used to say - another story. More.