Wayfarer International Rally 2007
Kragenæs, Denmark * August 13th-19th
the Ammentorps' photo album - 2
Wednesday, August 15th

In the afternoon, Jesper Friis has invited us all to a special “after sailing” event
in the front of the clubhouse of Kragenæs Sailing Club.

Bent Holvert demonstrates to Jesper with skilled professionalism, how to open the bottles of Champagne.

More Champagne experts are willing to help.

Now the whole “Champagne trust” are assembled!
 Elof shows Bent how to gently pour the Champagne without the foam overflowing the glass.

Arne smiles while Sergeant Bo inspects the “glass parade”.

Ready, come and get it!
 A toast and congratulations to Jesper on the great Bronze Medal captured at the Wayfarer Worlds 2007.

Lars Vibskov on a visit to Kragenæs.
Lars has produced beer bottle openers for every participating boat. They were made from mahogany taken out when restoring W950
(On display at the Danish Yachts Museum at Valdemar Castle on the island of Taasinge, south of Fyn.)

Demonstration of the opener.
The handle is a miniature version of the foredeck handle on a Wayfarer.
Just press it down and the beer is ready to go.

Quotation from Elof Andersen: ”Champagne always comes at a convenient time”.

The barbecue sponsored by the SWS Rally Committee is about to begin.We shall barbecue tenderloin.
From left: Karl Haals Jensen (Denmark), Lous and Hans de Bruijne (Holland)

"Rush hour" at the Barbecue in the sunny evening.

The steaks are turned too frequently.
 Steen Antonsen to the right, steak poised, is ready to pick his spot on the barbecue: Will there be room for my steak now?”

Still very crowded at the barbecue. At last, Steen is in the first row!
From left you see the back of: Hans, Bent, Francine, Poul and Sue
Thursday, August 16th

We have sailed to the harbour at Dybvig (Deep Creek) on Fej Island.
It must have been an exhausting sail or a very good lunch,
 since most people are taking a nap on the lawn by the harbour.

Bent, Irene and Mette Holvert are still going strong, but Claus is resting in the arms of Morpheus.

Fie and John Goltermann enjoy slumber land ...

... only outdone by Ralph! He is all gone!

Vibse & Arne Stahlfest (Denmark) together with Ralph Roberts fresh from his power nap.

The wind is now a refreshing breeze, and dark clouds are on their way. W247 Emma in the foreground.
It’s going to be a rough sail straight upwind to back Kragenæs.

W2042 Fru Larsen in Dybvig harbour

Jane (10) with her mother, Ineke Noordam, from Holland

Anthony Patterson and Jane’s sister, Emma (12), helm of W6689 from Holland

On our way to the Kernel Farm on the North side of Fej Island.
Vibse & Arne, and behind them: Ralph, Irene and Claus.

The Kernel Farm is just behind the trees.

Lovely service in the farmer's store at The Kernel Farm.
 We were offered samples of the Fej Island Cider and the delicious sausages. homemade from lamb.

Here you can see some of the Kernel Farm specialties, such as the award-winning Fej Island Cider.
This cider is made from apples from trees imported from Normandy, now growing on Fej Island.
(The same kind of apples used to make the French brandy, Calvados)
On our way back to Deep Creek Harbour we saw the field with the small new apple trees.
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