Wayfarer International Rally Denmark 2007
Kragenaes, August 13th-19th


Exploration of Smaalandsfarvandet (the sea north of the island of Lolland) is the theme for the International Rally in 2007. We will use the little town Kragenaes on the northern coast of Lolland as our base. The nearest islands of Femoe and Fejoe are known by many Scandinavians, but also Vejroe and Askoe are easily reached on a day cruise from Kragenaes. During the week of the rally a cruise with a night stop at a different place will be arranged. This results in the opportunity to extend the explorations further away from Kragenaes. One evening it might be interesting to participate in the weekly race of the local sailing club. Should some weather condition arise which prevents us from sailing (against our expectations) it is possible to explore by car. Interesting attractions include the Old time railway, Knuthenborg Safari Park and the ancient city of Maribo.


KRAGENAES HARBOUR AND CAMPING: We will be based at Kragenaes Harbour and Camping. The camping ground is along the harbour, which means there will be a short walk from the sleeping bags to the Wayfarers. We expect that there will be moorings for some of the Wayfarers in the harbour. Otherwise two jetties are available for launching. Distances to Kragenaes: Oslo 720 km, Copenhagen 165 km, Amsterdam 670 km, London 1130 km and Harwich via Esbjerg 250 km.
13th TO 19th OF AUGUST: The Rally is from Monday till Sunday. Those participating in all the events should arrive no later than Sunday. This will make it possible to show up at the first skipper’s meeting on Monday morning. The rally is right after The Wayfarer World Championship which is taking place the week before. You may participate in all days of the rally, or only some of the days or you may stay longer. One idea is to take the opportunity to cruise in the area for several days either on your own or together in a group.
ACCOMMODATION: We guess that most of you will bring your tent and other gear you need. But there are also fully equipped cabins available for rent. We have pre booked a number of these for the participants in the rally, but the pre booking ends February 28th. After this day the cabins might be booked to somebody else. But of course booking can take place later if a free cabin exists.
PRICE AND PAYMENT: The fee for using the harbour and accommodation should be paid on site. Some prices are available on the web page (www.224.dk). Certain rally discounts can be expected, but there will be an amount payable for joining the rally. The amount has not been decided yet.
FACILITIES: A couple of small shops are a short walking distance from the camping at Kragenaes. The distance to a larger supermarket is 10 km.
We expect to have extra Wayfarers available for people travelling a very long distance. The Wayfarer is a versatile and spacious boat and there will be room for everybody even if there aren’t enough spare boats. Don’t forget to mention your situation and requirements on the application form (not ready yet). 
Vibeke and Arne Stahlfest
Dybedalsvej 25
DK-3520 Farum
+45 44 95 25 84
We have found some web-references with lots of pictures and some useful information in different languages:
www.224.dk - www.turistvestlolland.dk - www.kssejlklub.dk - www.ravnsborg.dk - www.museumsbanen.dk
As with any SWA event you will join at your own risk.
The surroundings for the past rallies have been very different and this one will not be an exception to this. Don't miss this opportunity to try some new Wayfarer sailing and meet new people belonging to the big Wayfarer family. Tick the event in your calendar immediately.
Best wishes for the coming sailing season.
The arrangement committee:
Jesper Floding, Vibeke and Arne Stahlfest, Bo Christensen, Karen and Elof Andersen.
November 30th 2006