Chip Cunningham
W1321 Solje who added much unique colour and joy to Wayfarers' lives


gems from the Wayfarers' Chip collection:

From: Kit Wallace <kitwallace@hotmail.com>

Date: 3/17/24 6:45 PM (GMT-05:00)


Hi all,

Iíve just heard the very sad news from Sky that Chip Cunningham passed away last Wednesday, March 13 2024 (cancer).


From: sky mikinak
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 12:49 PM
Subject: Chip


Somehow or other I've lost your last message.  I recall you were asking me why would Chip have died before his time?  I don't think anyone actually dies before her/his time.  He was 77 and had cancer.  Cancer being a disease hard to hide from because the causes are in the air, the water, the earth.....and so on.


I think some of Chip' s best writing and wit is revealed in the transcript of a talk he gave at the closing banquet of the XV Wayfarer Worlds Aug 10, 2013.  Do you have that?  It was probably published in the Skimmer.  I suggest you use that.  (Al's note: Summer 2013, page 5: How much fun is too much fun?)


Robert Mosher has volunteered to help me assess the boat, sell it, advertise it and so on.  Gary Hirsch also said he would come and look at Solje.