Wayfarer Worlds XVI
Heeg, Friesland, NL * July 16-22
Daily Reports


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Uitslagen Wayfarer Worlds

Hieronder een link naar de actuele uitslagen van de Wayfarer Worlds 2016 welke vanaf zaterdag 16 juli t/m vrijdag 22 juli op het Heegermeer wordt gezeild. De uitslagen worden dagelijks na de wedstrijden zo spoedig mogelijk bijgewerkt.   

Update from Steph Romaniuk

We had 4 heats - fleet split into 2 starts (5min delayed) of about 28 boats. Round robin style 1vs2 and 3vs 4, then 2vs4 and 1vs3, etc. They dropped one to rank the best by two best races. Hope that makes sense.

We had 6-10 knots today. There is short chop waves. It was heavier the first race and calmed. Then up and down.

Tomorrow is 3-4knots and the best wind of the week will be on Wednesday 16-20kt but that is our day off - phew! Lol

Last two days to be beautiful: sunny and getting warmer. Beautiful quaint town with sailboats, boats and canals everywhere.

latest update from Steph Romaniuk which includes Gold and Silver fleet results

Hey all! Light air day - yay! There was a general recall on the first race as a bunch of boats were gathered at the port favoured end. They tried again and we had a great start - Hartleys just above us and Mike MacNamara in the pole position at the port end. It was "gusting" to 5kt and a bit patchy. Just enough wind to call it a race. One missed patch or bad tack and you lose a couple boats. We got infringed at the windward mark and love tapped a Danish Woodie. We dropped from the top five to about 15th but recovered to 6th by the last leeward. A couple bad choices had us finish in 9th on the final beat.

Message from Nedwa:

Direct link to the results from Monday and Tuesday.
Today there are no races, so the next results will be published on Thursday.

Update from Leo and Joanne Van Kampen:

Monday we sailed the port side of the course for the first race with little chance for clean tacks and rounded the first mark in roughly 22nd position. With some good downwind spinnaker and positioning, we ended the race in 15th place. We fared similarly for the 2nd race. In the third race we experienced a great move by the Danish on positioning which reinforced the importance of having the inside overlap on a downwind mark where we lost 4 boat lengths being the 4th boat out. We ended that race in 10th. This proved to be a few too many total points to qualify for the gold fleet.
In the Tuesday race for the Silver fleet, we had a good start in calm winds. We jockeyed positions throughout the race and ended in 7th place. All in all by the end of the second day, 2 place in the Silver fleet.

Ups and Downs of Day 3 of Racing from the Worlds - Steph Romaniuk update and link to the results.

Thursday's forecast was 5kt building to 10 in the afternoon. It was blowing 25kt yesterday on our day off before the front moved in and cooled off the 33° humidity.

We set out for the 10am race which was postponed 30min. We had a great start until the general recall and then had one boat on top of us at the next start. We tacked away and to our favoured side and after a few lifts in light air, we rounded the weather mark with a 5-boat lead!!! Rose Weirdsma cheered from the windward mark boat and hollered, "Go get 'em, Canada!"

We changed our mind on the gybe set and bore off and instantly got buried by several boats. We gybed a few more times, cursing, and then the wind died and stranded the reachers, while the three boats on our side all capitalized on the shift and were back in form in 2nd as we fetched the leeward gate. To our utter disappointment, the RC sounded an abandonment. No idea what they were thinking - we met all the time limits and were only 30min in. We were livid! If we won that race, we would've defended our Race 5 Ian Proctor trophy... After 5min they posted a go home and wait for signals in shore.

We were postponed until 2pm so we had lunch before going back out.

The 2nd race was light again and there was another general recall, so the "U" flag went up - their version of the black flag, so we hung back and started late on Starboard. We were able to barge in as the Wayfarers fetching the RC boat were low. We overstood the port lay line and had to duck half a dozen transoms  We had a great tacking duel with a UK woodie (the one we bumped in race 4). It was a beep-beep but he beat us by a nose - 9th.

At the tail end of the 2nd beat in race 2 of the day the wind piped up to 12+kts and we had a nice run. The next leg was a tight reach we couldn't hold without broaching so we dropped it and proceeded to plane past one boat and pinched out another since they still had the spinnaker up. We cranked everything flat and hiked our little hearts out in the final beat and only 1 of the Danes passed us, so we finished 8th. A great accomplishment considering the wind!

It was poetic justice when they signalled we were all done for the day due to the RC sticking to the printed schedule. All the heavy air sailors were unhappy as it was their wind. If we can't sail in light air it's only fair they didn't get their preference, either.

So we stayed in 9th after 6 races with one drop (called a discard on this side of the pond). They will try to do three Friday, so we'll see.

Update from Leo and Joanne Van Kampen - good luck in the final day.

As Steph reported, the morning races were canceled due to low winds. This was a good thing for us since we had a poor start and did not get to our preferred side of the course in a timely manner and ended in lower pressure winds. By the time we reached the upwind mark we were roughly in 12th place and had started downwind with a flattened spinnaker when the race was called. 

For the afternoon races we were much more deliberate about sticking to our strategic plan to get a clean start and get to the right side of the course. The start line had the pin end favoured by 8°, so we decided to begin in the middle of the line. A high speed, on time, clean air start got us in a good position and soon we could tack to port and only duck a single boat. By the time we reached the windward mark we were in first place. With full spinnaker and clean air we held our lead throughout the race and finished about 10 boat lengths ahead of the second place boat.

For the second race we had a tougher start, not getting to the line as early and in a more crowded position. We maintained good boat speed and one by one passed boats in our fleet. By the time we got to the last upwind mark to the finish we were in 5th position. Being too close to the 4th place boat, we tacked for clean air and ended ahead and in 4th position. On the final approach to the finish line, we tacked close to the 4th place boat to give them lee bow but rolled the boat so aggressively with the increasing wind pressure that we took on water and slid sideways. We reaccelerated but the additional water load kept us slow and we ended this race in 5th place.

As the results show we have maintained 2nd position, and a 6-point spread between the top 4 boats. With another drop race to come, and three races to go…..wish us luck!

Final Worlds update from Steph Romaniuk:

We are now reflecting, relaxing, and getting into rally mode.

We had a third race scheduled Friday in an attempt to get 9 races in. It was light air again. We started clean at the centre of the line with good speed and worked the shifts up the centre. We tacked under and ahead of a crowd of 6 or more boats and a lucky puff and pressure allowed us to shoot the mark into 5th. We caught the next two boats on the downwind and protected for the rest of the race. The 5th-place boat that had a two-point lead on us placed 5th, so we were now tied for 7th.

There is lots to learn on a crowded start line, especially if you get too close to a dirty or aggressive sailor. We tacked into a hole on a port favoured line and a fast moving starboard boat bore down on us and hit us to make his point. We did our 2 penalty turns and headed off. In light air and because we have boat speed, we do a good job of coming back! We did as well as we could and somehow saved a 9th.

Last race... unfortunately our great start was a general recall and the follow up was our worst of the week. A wind shift at the start left us low and unable to cross the line on starboard. Comeback time again. We gained a pile on the downwind and lost more on a bad shift in the upwind. Nothing was working and the guy who hit us did so again! We kept on despite his protest as it was unlikely he was in the right. Yesterday we missed overtaking a boat at the finish and wondered if we could've leebowed him. We tried it in the same situation in this race and it worked like a charm. We came 13th a boat length behind the Hartleys and chatted on the way home.

Joanne Van Kampen and Leo with the Bacardi Cup

Final Worlds update from Joanne Van Kampen - Joanne and Leo won the highest placing Canadian trophy which I think is the Bacardi trophy - well done:

For the 4th and final day they had scheduled 3 races back to back to make up for the canceled races of the previous days. The winds were light and very patchy when we started. In the first race the wind was quite light and there was evidence of even less wind in the center of the course and we decided to favour the port side. With the stirred air and non-aggressive helming, we were caught behind our whole fleet and were the very last to cross the start line. We stuck with our belief that port side was favoured and made up a few positions through the race but with the low winds and large fleet were always in compromised winds and ended very near the bottom of the fleet.
In the second race, we had a great start but changed our strategy after seeing that everyone on the starboard side of the course did so much better in the first race. This change in plan worked very well until the last upwind mark. We lost our wind completely while the wind picked up well for those on the port side, and within no time at all we watched hopelessly as 15 boats crossed before us and were then able to keep their positions.

In the 3rd and final race, we had a good start and were able to jockey our way thru the fickle winds on the course. Our position was consistent throughout the race and we finished in 9th place.

We were pleased with the regatta and the great experience of sailing in such a large fleet with excellent competition and lessons well learned. The entire week was well planned and the camaraderie amongst all sailors was exceptional. 
We look forward to repeating the experience in three years when the next World Wayfarer regatta will be held in Ireland! 

Thanks for everyone’s support and good wishes!!

Leo and Joanne 10944