Oars for your Wayfarer
by Dick Harrington, with an addendum from Ron Baker
The Bob Harland article referred to below is on the UKWA web site at http://www.wayfarer.org.uk/Technical/faq/oars1.html
Another (more complete?) version of Dick's article is also available at http://www.wayfarer.org.uk/Technical/faq/oars2.html

stowing your oars

stowing your oars on a glass Wayfarer
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Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 12:25 PM
Subject: Stowing oars on a Wayfarer

Al & Dick,
Abbott built my Mk I GRP Wayfarer in 1981.  A couple years ago, Dick encouraged me to get the longest oars that could be stowed on board.  We determined that 9-foot oars are just a bit too long to fit in my Mk I.  So I had the oars made to be 8-foot 9-inches, which just fits.  My oars are supported with the help of a wooden fitting attached to the bottom of the forward seat.  The precise location of this fitting under the seat matches the location of the oar leathers when the oar is in the stowed position.  This helps to protect the oars as they bounce along on the trailer.  In addition to hanging the oars from the forward fitting, each oar is secured aft by the use of a leather stirrup.  The leather simply folds around the end and bottom of each oar, and is secured using a hook.  This seems to provide good protection for the blades.  With this setup I can usually put the oars to use without too much trouble, but sometimes in a calm when the oars are needed I have to shift some gear to gain access to the stowed oars.  That can be frustrating, but at least there is plenty of time to do it!

Possibly the exta space under the bow in the Mk II or III would allow the stowage of  longer oars.  A 2" X 4" board can be used to experiment.
Hope this is useful,
Ron (W7356)