Uncle Al's 1990 Coaching Tapes
now available as DVDs
My 1990 VHS tapes are now available as a set of four two-hour DVDs intended for computer use only. For me, these were a labour of love that consumed countless hours in those glory days when Julia's and my children were three and five years old respectively and tended to add their advice whenever I taped in their presence.
In addition to being a compendium of what such stars as Mike McNamara and Ian Porter had to offer, these DVDs contain a lot of clips used to illustrate various techniques, etc. which are also a fine - if at times rather fuzzy - source of nostalgia for many of us.

1. Please be prepared for poor video quality due to everything from old and less than perfect VHS tape sources to my learning how to use - without instructions - the editing suite at a local high school where I had to go in late a night after driving half an hour to get there. Amazing how that latter situation made me settle for a level of "good enough" that I would normally never consider acceptable!!
2. Whereas my info on Wayfarer rigging was pretty "state of the art" in 1990, there are some newer  methods that I try to keep up with in the WIT (Wayfarer Insitute of Technology), e.g. the spi pole ramp, alternative vang systems
3. To simplify things like tuning for the average less experienced racing sailor was my goal even in these tapes - long as they are. Nearly 20 years later, I think I have finally distilled my experiene into what I think is my best work: my upwind tuning guide.

these DVDs can be arranged through me, Uncle Al or perhaps through your NCA. If the demand exists, I can bring a set of the DVDs for the UKWA and for NedWA to this summer's IR in Friesland. Likewise I can deliver to the USWA library if there is one? The SWS already has these DVDs in their library.