Boat Handling and Performance
for the Wayfarer Racer
updated: 6 March 2018
Table of Contents
000625: Mike McNamara: Pre-Race Warm-up 000714: Michael McNamara: Beating
070122: Mike McNamara: Those Last Few Seconds 000714: Michael McNamara: Changing Gears
000714: Mike McNamara: Starting 070129: Uncle Al: Pointing & Pinching

Off the Wind
000714: Mike McNamara: Reaching 000624: Mike Mac: Gybing in Heavy Air
180306: Rounding the leeward mark 110218: Illustrated Geezers' Guide to Roll Tacks

The Spinnaker
000625: Mike Mac: Rigging & Flying the Spinnaker 000625: Mike Mac: Gybing the Spinnaker
000625: Uncle Al: The "Balls" System Routine Derwyn Hughes: Spinnaker Handling

General Tips
Mike Mac: Sailing Techniques 000714: Derwyn Hughes: Boat Handling