Masthead Buoyancy
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From: Wayfarer (Ton Jaspers W10445)
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 10:21 AM
Subject: masthead buoyancy alternative

Hi everyone,
Let me add some to the confusion. Here is an email (translated) that I sent two weeks ago to one of our Dutch members, Joke Peers:

Hi Joke,

Here are some polemics on the subject:



If I remember correctly there is more to be found on the Yahoo Wayfarer discussion group 


The Secumar anti-inversion cushion is here and also here

A drawing of the main sail pocket is hereIn English (sort of): click here   (Gotta love the auto-translate of Rule 30.7(c) here!!! Uncle Al)
Note that a drainage in the lowest part of the pocket is not drawn. With my sail that is just a loose part of the seam
A fitting air cushion is available, but it should not be inflated to the max. If it is floppy it will shape itself to the curve of the sail and little of the sail's efficiency is lost.  I use a closed cell foam insert (PU foam), which cannot spring a leak.

Please draw the attention of your sailmaker to rule 31.7 when making the pocket:



Hope this helps you guys as well. Best wishes,

Ton Jaspers (Swiebertje - W10445)