Uncle Al's
Pictorial Pearls of Wisdom
from the Tim Dowling Memorial at Clark Lake
a potpourri of educational items suggested by the photos
Dan and Al (4180) check out the line during the Rebel 5-minute countdown,
above all, they will stay right near the line to avoid getting caught out if the wind should die.
Quick! Who will have to keep clear when the Interlake with the green, black and yellow spi overtakes the Sunfish? No, it's not overtaking boat keep clear, and it's not because the Sunfish is smaller. The Interlake is on starboard and the Sunfish is on port, so the latter must get out of the way.
Dave Nickels, US National Rebel champion for the past two years, demonstrates the fine art of covering. Note how he has positioned his boat directly between the photographer on the RC boat (i.e. the finish line) and his nearest competitor, Dan Hockenberry.No point in overlaying the finish line, so Dan and Al get all set for ...
... a nice, crisp tack. Just as the "book" recommends, Dave follows suit.
...  ...
A nice tack for Dan and Al (4180) but Dave and Emilia easily, match it and hold on to sweep the Rebel series.
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