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updated: 24 January 2024
2022.12.12:  the Wayfarer Institute:
Wayfarer/Wanderer knowledge shared
2023.05.22: Wayfarer Class Rules 1 April 2023   * how we voted W.I.C. Constitution
2024.01.16:  membership status of our NCA's Purpose of the Wayfarer International Committee
2023.05.22: WIC Contact List  2020.01.16:  Wayfarer Age Synopsis by sail number

Connections to the Wayfarer World
Canadian Wayfarer Association U.S. Wayfarer Association
Scandinavian Wayfarer Association U.K. Wayfarer Association
NedWa, the Dutch Wayfarer Association
What's recent in the World of Wayfarers?
2023.04.14:     Class Rules 5.3 and 5.4 updates unanimously approved and now official
W.I.C. Contact List updated     2023.10.28:     W.I.C. Membership Status List updated
Invitation to Netherlands Rally Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2024 now posted

A Chilling Reminder to Cruisers

2023.06.28:  A seriously flawed approach to cruising the Chesapeake provided blame to all four parties but especially to Uncle Al and his impatience as two Wayfarers came close to losing their lives after capsizing in a squall off Crisfield, Maryland on Thursday 8 June 2023. Only great good luck and the eagle eyes of a pair of Chesapeake Bay fishermen ended a life-threatening 45-minute immersion in the waters off Crisfield while the distressed mariners were still salvageable. The two unidentified, heroic fishermen thought they saw something odd in the distance, got out their binoculars, and discovered an inverted Wayfarer with Mike Codd and Annelies Groen clinging to it. They reacted in the finest maritime tradition by rushing over to rescue the two sailors and providing blankets until the Coast Guard arrived to take over shortly thereafter. More here.

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Uncle Al's Wayfarer Archives
2022.04.04: past Wayfarer Worlds: 1974 through 2022
2023.09.24:  International Rallies: 1995 - 2024
2023.06.28:  a Wayfarer encyclopedia:    the Wayfarer Institute of Technology (WIT)
2024.01.24:    Wayfarer Cruise Logs from Everywhere
2021.12.03:  the Skimmer archives:   issues (2009-2021) of the USWA's excellent but discontinued Newsletter
2023.05.01:    Wayfarers Fondly Remembered
200512:  a compendium of songs for singing Wayfarers
A thumbnail early history of the Wayfarer   (created and last worked on by Uncle Al in Nov. 2000)
2011.03.28:  rave reviews for Hartley Wayfarer (Mark IV)
W 50th Anniversary calendar (2008) archived here
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