Wayfarer Institute of Technology

(last updated: 28 September 2019)

Uncle Al's Corner: Hi, gang! As CWA Class Coach, I get requests for W rigging information, for copies of the May 1990 Whiffle (in which Mike McNamara, the 1992 Wayfarer World champion, goes through everything you need to know to make your Wayfarer go fast), Rules-related stuff and so on. Therefore, I have decided to put such educational stuff on line.
There is now so much material that people have contributed, that I've decided to try to reorganize the W.I.T. by subject matter - as you will note below. I hope this makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.
Please feel free to request any other stuff and I'll try to post/find it for you.

Uncle Al (W3854)

to the left of each item, in green, is the date (YY/MM/DD) it was posted or most recently updated, e.g. 070406 = April 6, 2007

Maintenance, Repair, Reference

Racing-related Skills

Cruising & Daysailing Skills

190810: Buoyancy/Self-Rescue: the Abbott Mk III
080219: Racing Basics for Beginners 040327: Dinghy Cruising with Phillips

181130: Class Rules & 030130: Constitution

190928: Wayfarer Rigging Tips

070318: Dick Harrington extols/explains W cruising

170125: Boat Preparation & Repair

180406: Racing Rules of Sailing

101113: Cockpit layout for a Cruising Wayfarer

180815: Restoration of Wayfarer; wood Kit Manual

180306: Boat Handling & Performance

101113: Ken Jensen's Wayfarer anchor winch

090622: Giving Your Wayfarer a Waterline

071203: Racing Weather, Strategy & Tactics

110307: Boat Tents & Sleeping Aboard

190125: everything about rudders & centreboards

121205: General Racing Skills

090305: the boom crutch

110404: towing your W: trailer & accessories

121127: Tuning, Sail Shape/Trim and Care

140113: Shorten sail: Reef; W trysail; small jib size

041212: Standing Rigging: Shrouds & Forestay

070122: Al's Pearls: misc. photo-based sailing tips

010702: thoughts on rigging for sailing solo

190317: using wire halyards in the gold mast

120416: An estimated Wayfarer PHRF rating

111107: Motor Matters

090619: Bailer Maintenance and Repair: Bilge Pump

110408: Uncle Al's 1990 W Coaching tapes/DVDs

050117: Oars for your Wayfarer

140429: A brief discourse on toe (hiking) straps

Useful Sailing Skills of All Kinds

050920: miscellaneous tips from Uncle Al

110513: floorboards talk

110224: That Sinking Feeling - More Horrors of No Buoyancy

070105: placing jib leads for performance & comfort

071102: bridle for use on a hoist

110224: Safe, Competent Sailing

130606: misc. Chesapeake Bay PDF chart booklets

080416: Dave Hansman's pre-season check list

180810: Helping Yourself and Others

080229: Sailing and Seamanship
190828: Mast Repair

131116: Masthead Buoyancy

101028: Tensioning the Rope Jib Halyard by Dick H.

130606 maintenance of hatch seals

080424: for the less experienced

130110: build a folding lounge chair for your W
190125: board, rudder, insignia drawings by Jens Konge Animated Knots of All Kinds 160626: tiller tamer for solo sailors

140120: Which compass should I use?


061210: Things to check on a used Wayfarer
071015: "dry" dock your Wayfarer with ease and style 061112: Andrew Haill: Mark III modifications
090119: Wayfarers by the numbers: Age Synopsis 090504: lighting the night-time Wayfarer

090504: an expert talks sailor's weather & lightning

040328: The Beaufort Scale

011013: The Art of Coarse Sailing Beaufort Scale  :)

011208: thoughts and opinions about lightning

.090719: New Wayfarer Owners' info

110504: The Ultimate PWC Repellent - humour  :)

000328: Everything you wanted to know about W racing and rigging available as PDF file  - created by NedWA Chairman, Jan Katgerman!!