Shortening Sail
updated: 15 July 2020
100212: the dimensions of the small jib
090502: Dick Harrington's comprehensive guide to shortening sail
090321: Reefing tie-down methods
081127: Dave Barker (W6151) describes/evaluates the Bartels Reefing Furler   PDF version
081201: more reef talk from some experts
091012: the beauties of the Wayfarer trysail: Ken Jensen
2020.07.15: the Wayfarer trysail as seen in KISS Your Dinghy
070427: Jib-Trysail with bolt-rope and new furling gear: Ton Jaspers
070502: a fresh (May 07) Reef Overview with the experts
080303: Jiffy Reefing with Captain Crunch
040327: Jiffy Reefing with Dick Harrington
200521: Roller Reefing with Ken Jensen
080303: Roller Reefing with Dick Harrington
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