Sailing Skills Useful to All Sailors
updated: 29 September 2020
Safe, Competent Sailing
110224: Efficient Sailing = Safe Sailing = Fun Sailing
2020.09.29: What to do about getting Masthead Buoyancy
2020.07.15: Shortening sail: the Wayfarer storm trysail
2020.05.20: Shortening sail: Roller & Slab Reefing
071208: Uncle Al & Mato Ilijic talk safer gybing, better pointing
070105: The (tricky) use of wire halyards on the (g)old masts
050314: How to avoid a jammed centreboard
011208: How should we cope with lightning?
000626: New Heaving Line Requirements for Canada
Helping Yourself and Others
190704: Uncle Al talks self-rescue in KISS edition 3
That Sinking Feeling
180306: More Capsize Pics and Their Lessons
111017: Lesson with a Happy Ending
2020.09.29: What to do about getting Masthead Buoyancy
091206: Self-Rescue After a Capsize
050920: A Case in Point and Resulting Recommendations
020626: Uncle Al on Rule 1.1
020626: Giving Assistance
020626: Capsize Pics and Their Lessons
The Beaufort Scale(s)
011013: The Art of Coarse Sailing Beaufort Scale
040328: The Beaufort Scale with a Difference
for the less experienced
2020.07.01: The Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Guidelines
for Relatively Inexperienced Sailors