the 1995 Wayfarer Worlds
on shore photos - 1
Sarah Frost (?) who along with Rosie Brewer was sailing W275 Possum brought in all the way from Colorado
for the use of the UK Junior Wayfarer champions.
Gord Leachman prepares for round #2 of his buoyancy test.
The east dock at TS&CC
Some boats looked better underneath ...
... than others. This borrowed boat had not seen the water in '95 and started to crack under pressure!
And speaking of cracking under pressure: (l to r) Jesper Friis, Poul Ammentorp, Tom Wharton
A new centreboard is quickly found in Uncle Al's garage - but the bottom paint remains lost.
Our kitchen wizard, Brenda, with her grandson, Antoine
Breakfast at TSCC? (l to r) Jesper, Steen Ammentorp, Søren Jensen and Mike Codd
Waiting for the wind
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Al's Worlds Week Diary
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