the 1995 Wayfarer Worlds
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Anders Friis checks out the day's results.
At age 9, Alex Rahn was our youngest competitor, while George Blanchard (81)
was continuing his perfect record of having sailed every Wayfarer Worlds.
The Toronto Sun sent a reporter to interview George.
Until he took his rudder off at the dock, Nick Seraphinoff had been wondering
why he had been going so slow - see Nick's new headgear!
Stuart Rix: a man who can concentrate!
Diane Zaremba who sails W440 out of Ontario Place when she isn't being one of their resident cartoonists, very kindly donated her talents to the Worlds and came up with this lovely memento for Frank and Uncle Al.
Andrew Jefferies (l) and Peter Morse
Friday evening, Worlds guests were invited ...
... to enjoy the hospitality of the Legion ...
... on the cliff just above TSCC.
Poul and Jesper brought with them the wonderful Good luck, Mr. Gorski joke, a name Al had not heard before, but when we went to pick up Poul's rental van, there was Mr. Gorski, hiding in Oakville, Ontario (left).
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