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Wayfarer Worlds XVIII
Lake Eustis SC, Eustis, Florida * March 6-11, 2022
updated 8 April 2022 at 1944 hrs
2022.04.08   results
2022.03.25   Wayfarers rise to the occasion
2022.03.24   Tim Townsend's Yachts & Yachting report 2022.03.11   Daily updates from Uwe and Nancy
2022.04.04   Al's Worlds report - 1
2022.04.03   Al's Worlds report - 2
2022.04.07   Al's Worlds report - 3
2022.04.08   Al's Worlds report - 4
2022.03.16   superb photos yet again from John Cole
2022.03.18   Annette Grefe photos: Monday
2022.03.18   Annette Grefe photos: Tuesday
2022.03.18   Annette Grefe photos: Friday
Julie S. reports on Facebook
2022.03.06   filched Facebook photos

2022.03.24   updated, illustrated trophy winners list 
John Cole photo albums below on flickr which allows zoom viewing
Here you will find some of the images that I captured during the 2022 Wayfarer International Championships, March 7th thru 11th, 2022, while aboard one of the safety boats.  If you participated in the racing, I hope that you will find a few photos of you, your crew, and your boat. As a courtesy, the Lake Eustis Sailing Club has made it possible for you to download a complimentary copy of any of these photos for your personal (not commercial) use. The resolution of the image will be adequate for on line use and for prints up to 11"x14". I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed being with y'all making them.  John Cole
Mon. Race 1
Mon. Race 2
Tues. drift
Tues. Race 3
Tues. Race 4
Wed. Race 5
Wed. Race 6
Wed. Race 7
Thurs. Race 8
Thurs. Race 9
Fri. Race 10
Fri. Race 11

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