1986 Worlds
evening fun & games - 1
photos by Uncle Al
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The gang gathered after racing on several of the days...
... for a video post mortem of the racing courtesy of Mike Milner who became a top international Finn sailor.
You can tell it's been a tiring day on the water!
Still, once supper had re-fueled the engines, it was often party time. From left to right above we have Dorothy Wilks, Roger Shepherd, Geoff Hodshon, Heather Bond (freed from baby-sitting bondage), Antony Hinton, Roger Redwin, Jim Wilks, Jane Squires and Graeme and Sara Hinton ...
... doing an amazingly realistic imitation of a drunken piss-up.
It was, of course, an imitation, since Geneva Park is "dry'!!
John Pocock (l) gets ready to defend with his partner, Bill de Boer,  while Annie de Boer
plays the bridge hand with son, Marten as the "dummy". Natalie Pocock kibitzing.
Another serious bridge hand in progress: Bill Stanbridge (l) and Hubert Dauch defending
against Nancy Hughes and Murray Fawcett.
And what regatta would be complete without music - here with our Chairman, Don Gallagher, on the guitar.
Games Night!
I believe the game being played above involved a relay with the baton being a balloon held between your legs.
A favourite from the '83 Worlds at Hayling, was transplanted: the water-filled balloon toss.
Note the audience eagerly awaiting the first broken balloon.
With each catch, the successful recipient has to take a step further away. Here,  Hubert Dauch has just released a beauty to  Joe DeBrincat who is poised to make a very gentle catch before passing it on ...
... to Phyllis Dauch who catches it very gently. You sure wouldn't want it to break on this catch!!
A well executed game leaves most people still dry ...
... and attention turns to the Master of Ceremonies' next challenge...
'86 Worlds
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