"With only fear and good judgment holding us back,
we sailed out on the Northern Sea ..."

Trooper, Santa Maria

the Cruising Life
the many joys of the Wayfarer
as seen through a variety of writings

asterisk (*) denotes winner of the Ted Davis Memorial Trophy
(** = Viking Ship [Frank Dye] Trophy winner)
updated:   31 January 2023

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2023.01.25   50 Years with W3104 Ea-Gull
2023.01.31   Chesapeake Cruise updates in progress
2022.03.30   The 2021 Chesapeake Cruise with the Millers
2021.09.20   Wayfarer 728 Cruises the Eastern North Channel
2021.09.18   Don Davis recalls his Georgian Bay favourites
Wayfarer 728 Cruises the Western North Channel


West Coast
L. Superior, L. of the Woods
Great Lakes area
2023.01.31   Chesapeake & Mid-Coast
Maine & U.S. North-East
2023.01.25   Miscellaneous


North America's West Coast

Across Georgia Strait Single-handed (1982)   Wayne Moore (W7310)

The Way of Wa-Goosh (1976)   Selwyn Fox (W1857)

Island Hopping in the Gulf Islands (1982)   Wayne Moore (W7310)

Wayfaring in the Gulf Islands (1983)   from the log of the Cobblewood
Tony Balding & Betty Lording (W7493)

English Visit (1984)   Dave Massy

Desolation Sound in Surfbird (2010) Cameron Eckert (W766)  (posted: 26 Dec 2012)

First Wayfarer Solo Overnighter (2010) Brandon McClintock (W3576), sails the San Joaquin River  (posted 15 Nov 10)

Club Jed: A West Coast Wayfarer Gathering (2008) by Nick Parker (W982) (updated 11 Nov 08)

Wayfarer Wanderings (1988) by John Millen (W7975?)

Lake Superior, Lake of the Woods

200206   West Meets East 2011 by Robert Mosher W3445  (posted 6 Feb 2020)
180822   Dick Harrington & Rob Golding Cruise Lake Superior July 2002  (posted 22 Aug 2018)

Passage in a Storm: Apostle Islands, Lake Superior (2011)   by Robert Mosher W3445    (12 Nov 13)

The Quest for Donald Duck - a Lake of the Woods W Cruise (2007)* by Andrew Haill (W9657)

Lake Superior: Victoria Island 'Expedition' (2006)* by Andrew Haill (W9657)

Lake Superior: Welcome Islands (2006) by Andrew Haill (W9657)

Chesapeake Bay & U.S. Mid-East Coast

Chesapeake Bay 2021 the Crisfield Triangle by Paul & Dawn Miller W971  updated 30 March 2022
Chesapeake Bay 2019 the Crisfield Triangle  updated 28 June 2019
North Carolina Beach Week 2018  The Heffernans' Beach House & Beaufort, NC yet again    (updated 17 Dec 18)
Chesapeake Bay 2018 the Crisfield Triangle  updated 2 August 2018
Wayfarers and a Core Sound 17 Cruise the Neuse 2017   Oriental, North Carolina   updated 9 December 2017

Chesapeake Bay 2017 Oxford - Tilghman Island - Slaughter Creek  updated 1 July 2017

North Carolina Beach Week 2016  The Heffernans' Beach House & Beaufort, NC yet again    (updated 28 Nov 16)

Chesapeake Bay 2016 the Crisfield Triangle with Smith Island Arts Festival  updated 12 Oct 2016

Mike and Cathy Babowicz enjoy March on the Chesapeake in W10423     posted: 21 March 2016
North Carolina Beach Week 2015  Another visit to the Heffernans' Beach House & Beaufort, NC    (updated 26 Nov 15)
North Carolina Beach Week 2014  Visit to the Heffernans' Beach House & Beaufort, NC    (updated 8 July 15)
Chesapeake Cruise 2015    (fixed up 31 August 2020)

Chesapeake Bay 2014 the Crisfield Triangle with a Difference  (updated 1 June 14)

North Carolina Beach Week 2013  Visit to the Heffernans' Beach House & Beaufort, NC    (updated 10 Dec 13)

Chesapeake Bay 2013 Deal Island and environs  (updated 11 July 13)

North Carolina Beach Week 2012  Visit to the Heffernans' Beach House & Beaufort, NC    (updated 10 Nov 12)

Chesapeake Bay 2012 The Crisfield Triangle and Oxford to Slaughter Creek  (updated 31 January 2023)

Hot Days on Chesapeake Bay (2011) A Cruise Log by Jeff Kirk (updated 25 January 2023)

The Chesapeake Cruise South 2011: Crisfield > Tangier > Watts > Smith Island  (updated 24 January 2023)

Wayfarers cruise Crisfield north plus Smith, Tangier, Watts Islands (2010)   (updated 18 Jan 2023)

Wayfarers cruise Tangier, Watts and Smith Islands (2009)   (updated 12 Jan 2023)

Wayfarers cruise Tangier, Watts and Smith Islands (2008) by Uncle Al   (updated 11 Jan 2023)

Wayfarers cruise Smith, Tangier and Watts Islands (2007) by Uncle Al  (updated 10 Jan 2023)

Three Wayfarers experience Smith and Tangier Islands (2006) by Uncle Al  (updated 4 Jan 2023)

A Dinghy Sailor's Sketches of Chesapeake Bay (2005)* by Dick Harrington  (updated 1 Jan 2023)

Great Lakes, Georgian Bay/North Channel, North Bay (see also)

2021.09.18   the immortal Don Davis W460 Cara Mia recalls his Georgian Bay favourites
2021.09.15   W728 Cruises the Western North Channel    A 5-day cruise in July 2021 as chronicled by Allen Yates and daughter, Heather
2020.08.30   Killarney to Killbear 2020   In W397 Chich, Steph Romaniuk and Sue Pilling re-trace her father's 1979 route in reverse.
2020.08.27   Long Cruise in a Short Boat 1979     Graham Pilling (Sue's dad) takes part in a Mirror dinghy cruise from Killbear to Killarney
2020.08.26 **    Round the North Channel 1974  Joy Phillips' 1974 Viking Ship (Frank Dye) Trophy winner
2020.08.24   Uncle Al's  First Taste of Georgian Bay 1972   Don Davis leads a cruise to Franklin Island    (posted 22 Aug 2018)
2018.08.22   North Channel Affair 1997   Five boats from Killarney to the Benjamins and back    (posted 22 Aug 2018)
170128   Dick Harrington Explores Grand Traverse Bay 1997
* North Channel Reprise 2015: Kit Wallace and Jonathan Dart revisit  (posted 21 Nov 2016)
2015.12.30  Never a Dull Moment—Two Daysail Venues on the Great Lakes, 2015   Chip Cunningham (W1321) and Sky Mikinak cruise Lake Superior and the Bay of Islands
2015.12.18 Following Beatrice into Paradise (2015)  Chip Cunningham (W1321) chronicles a summer 2015 North Channel cruise with Gary Hirsch
2015.12.18  Our 2013 Daysail to the Goat Farm     Chip Cunningham (W1321) presents a beautifully illustrated little known aspect of the Detroit River
Thousand Islands Cruise 2015: Dave Adams (W921) describes a fine week of camping/sailing on the St. Lawrence River  (posted 8 Aug 2015)

2021.09.18  Round Georgian Bay - July 14-31, 1973  by Joy Phillips (W866)
Round Georgian Bay 1973 (Don Davis W460)   scanned by Alastair Ryder-Turner (updated 25 Nov 2014)

* North Channel Cruise 2013: Kit Wallace's Ted Davis Trophy-winning log  (posted 28 Dec 2013)

One Great Trip, Five Great Lakes    W1066 Sails in All Five Great Lakes! by Linda Heffernan   (posted 5 Jan 2013)

*Wayfarer 1321 Solje sparkles in Michigan's June 18-25, 2011 Tip of the Mitt Adventure
Pictorial report of Gary Hirsch and Uncle Al's  7-day, 300-mile  voyage in the company of other small boats
(updated 23 Jan 12)

Waiting for Soft Water   A bit of "winter cruise training" on the ice of Lake Superior described by Michigan's W3445, Robert Mosher.  (posted 29 March 11)

In Praise of the Mini-Cruise  Ted Rosen's Aug. 2010 overnighter to Frenchman's Bay and back to Toronto's Outer Harbour  (posted 9 Dec 2010)

Knocking on Death's Door   Two W's spend an Aug. 2010 Weekend Off the Tip of Green Bay's Door Peninsula - log  by Robert Mosher W3445   (updated 23 Jan 11)

After Killbear, A Solo Cruise August 14-15, 2010*  by Robert Mosher W3445   (posted 18 Dec 10)

Ted Rosen & Scott Eckert sail W8231 from Killarney to Little Current and the North Channel*  a Summer 2009 cruise logged by Ted Rosen  (posted 28 Sept 09)

North Bay Wayfarer Fleet Day Cruise to Sunset Cove, Lake Nipissing – 1 Sept 2007   lovely, well illustrated report by Dave and Carol Hansman (W282)

the 2001 North Channel Cruise* as seen and experienced by Uncle Al

Doug Gilchrist/Uncle Al revisit McGregor Bay in '99

Al S/Doug G: Lost and Found and Fooling Around McGregor Bay, 1997  (upgraded version posted 18  September 2021)

the Maritimes

Baby on Board*    Charles and Michelle Bull with 7-month-old Joanna explore a bit of Prince Edward Island in their Wayfarer, July 1987  (2010.03.15)

Dawdling Under Canvas Along the Saint John River *   A September 2008 Cruise in Wayfarer 8328 Naomi by Jim Fraser (posted 29 Oct 08)

A Foggy Lesson   (posted 20 Oct 08) Rob Dunbar and Celtic Kiss (CL2120) deal with wind and fog in Halifax Harbour: July 2008

Ghosts and Gastronomy in Canada's smallest Province   Allan Parry and Jim Fraser explore a bit of Prince Edward Island, June 2007 (2008.02.22)

A Short Cruise On The Northumberland Straits   Jim Fraser in Wayfarer Naomi September 2004 (posted 20 Feb 07)

A CL16 Cruise Along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore   (posted 29 Jan 07) Rob Dunbar sails Celtic Kiss (CL2120) from Dartmouth to the Canso Strait

Visibility: Fair in Showers and poor in fog  (posted 18 Jan 07)
Jim Fraser and Allan Parry's June 2006 continuation cruise on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore from Sherbrooke to St. Peters on Cape Breton Island in Wayfarer 8328 Naomi

Gunboats, fog and lobster larceny  (posted 18 Jan 07)
Jim Fraser and Allan Parry's June 2005 cruise on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore from Dartmouth to Sherbrooke in Wayfarer 8328 Naomi

Through the Dildo Run to the Toads Asses: A 2004 Cruise in Newfoundland, Canada*  with Allan Parry (text) and Jim Fraser (photos)

A Wayfarer on the Saint John River (2003)  with Jim Fraser and Naomi (W8328)

Nova  Scotia,  Here  We  Come  - (4  Men  In 2  Boats) (2002) Hugh De Las Cases  W 6026

Idle Days on the Bras d’Or Lakes (2002) with Jim Fraser

Cape Breton Island in June 2001 Jim Fraser and Allan Parry

Sept. 2001 cruising holiday in Nova Scotia's Mahone Bay: Jan Katgerman and Ralph Roberts

Jim Fraser: Nova Scotia Cruise 2000*

Port Dufferin to Liscomb (1997) with Jim Fraser and Naomi (W8328)

Eastern Passage to Port Dufferin (1995) with Jim Fraser and Naomi (W8328)

Jim Fraser: Isle Madame, July 1993

Maine & U.S. Northeast Coast

Thread of Life, Maine 1998  A wonderful log by Dick Harrington W887 Blue Mist (re-done 18 Sept 2021)

Cape Cod 1: Exploring the South Shore, July 2010  A log by Tom Erickson W275 Possum  (posted 15 Oct 10)

Cape Cod 2: Lewis Bay to Chatham, July 2013  A log by Tom Erickson W275 Possum  (posted 9 Oct 15)
Cape Cod 3: Lewis Bay to Martha's Vineyard, July 2013  A log by Tom Erickson W275 Possum  (posted 9 Oct 15)
Cape Cod 4: Exploring the Elizabeth Islands, Sept. 2015  A log by Tom Erickson W275 Possum  (posted 9 Oct 15)

A 2002 Wayfarer Cruise up part of the U.S. north-east coast by Olaf (posted 15 March 10)

Danny Clears the Way for a Great 2009 Maine Cruise by Dick Harrington (with Dennis Figley) (posted 4 Jan 10)

Tom Graefe: Fox Islands Cruise, September 2007

Dick Harrington and Tom Graefe's September 2004 Cruise  by Tom Graefe

Maine Cruise 2000 with Abbey Gura, Allan Parry, Dick Harrington  Allan Parry report (updated 22 Aug 18)

Adventures of Blue Mist  experience gained by Dick Harrington from the 2000 Maine cruise (posted 22 Aug 18)


180316   Cruising Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands 2018  with Dan Roeder  W2945

Tom Erickson (W275) adds a St. John River cruise to his first Midwinters  (posted 27 March 13)

Jim & Linda Heffernan enjoy the Keys as a 2010 Midwinters add-on  (posted 17 Dec 12)

The Florida 120 Gary Hirsch (W1321) reports on a unique May 2009 event that he sailed with Robert Mosher (5 June 09)


2017.03.16   Dick Harrington: Where Vikings Once Roamed 2001
2017.03.16   Dick Harrington: A Postcard from Ireland 2001
2020.08.24   Wayfarer Legends Ring In 1973 on the Thames

W4935 Circumnavigates Norway's North Cape 
from Ken Jensen,
Jo Herstad and Jon Vahl Saxhaug   (updated 26 July 2020)

International Cruise Norge 2000   (Danish text) Poul Ammentorp's log (W239) of a cruise that continued on where  the Norwegian Nationals left off    (2014.11.24)

Cruising the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia in a Beneteau   Dave and Carol Hansman (W10865) report on their September 2013 cruise    (updated 21 Oct 2013)

Spree Lady's Irish Cruise 2011    (part 2 added 8 April 2013)   Brandon McClintock's log of a 200-mile sail with Ralph Roberts along the Irish coast from Baltimore to Dublin

London to Helsinki in a Wayfarer     (posted 1 March 2011)   Ralph Roberts' log of a Wayfarer odyssey which took him and various crews over 10 years to complete

Cruising the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia in W9933  Ralph Roberts (W9885) and Jacques Boirie (W9933) report on Summer 2009 cruise    (updated 5 June 2010)

Cruising the Baltic from Stockholm to Helsinki. June 23 - July 18, 2009
log by Sten Willstrand and Ĺke Nilsson (with photo captions and editing by Ralph Roberts)    (posted 13 May 2010)

What Happened There?   Ralph Roberts logs a Sept. 2008 Croatian cruise with Mato Ilijic  (posted 29 Dec 08)

Cruises in Cockle   A collection of Dave Barker's beautifully presented logs of his cruises in W6151  (link added 27 Nov 08)

Sailing with Pinčika:   A complete compendium of Mato Ilijic's Wayfarer sailing experiences  (link added 9 Nov 08)

A Variety of Conditions: A log of Mato, Neno and Pinčika's June 2008 sailing trip in the Adriatic Sea  (posted July 08)

Cruising the Adriatic: Ralph Roberts and Mato Ilijic sail the Croatian Coast in W10435 (2007)  (posted 5 Dec 07)

A Norwegian Cruising Experience
Ralph Roberts, Wilhelm Munthe-Kaas and Blunderbus (W1309) explore the
Norway coast near the Arctic Circle in mid-July 2002  (posted 7 April 07)

Two Wayfarers Sail to Denmark   - a Log by Ralph Roberts  W9885 Spree Lady    (posted 5 April 07)
Two Wayfarers sail from SE England via Holland and Germany to Denmark in July 1998

Cruising the Mediterranean   - a Log by Ralph Roberts  W9885 Spree Lady   (posted 24 Feb 07)
 two Wayfarers spend two weeks sailing east from Hyčres, France in Sept. 2006

the 2005 Scandinavian Wayfarer Cruise a report by Ken Jensen  (checked 26 July 2020)


2023.01.25   50 Years with W3104 Ea-Gull     by Andy Leeksma
Give Me the Sea   A poem by Eric Laux (W1445)  (posted 12 Oct 16)
Tree Frog's Lovely Day Sail   Another unique sail tale from Chip Cunningham (W1321) (posted 10 Feb 21)
Chips off the Old ...: Chip Cunningham (W1321) holds forth   Chip shares his unique humour and the odd bit of seriousness (posted 12 Oct 16)

checked 2021.09.18   Wayfarer to Labrador: Challenging the Far North in an Open Dinghy (1981)
a log by Geoffrey Heath of his a long 1981 solo sail north from Nain, Labrador's last bit of civilzation  (updated 30 Jan 2021)

Wayfarers All the Way Down: Chip Cunningham reveals how 2012 was a watershed W season for him    (posted 7 Jan 13)

Eye of Quebec    our first video log: Scott McDougall and John Brooman sail W4610 around the Eye  (posted 3 Jan 13)

In the Land of the Heated Toilet Seats   W3445, Robert Mosher's charming report which finds him only dreaming of sailing.   (posted 1 April 10)

Nick Seraphinoff (W864) looks back at a life mostly spent in Wayfarers  A humorous look at bits of Nick'is Wayfarer-related past (2012.03.30)

My First Year with a Wayfarer   Gary Hirsch (W1321) describes his satisfying experiences with both the boat and our Class (posted 4 Sept 08)

2020.11.22   Hughes Nughes:  A deeper, better illustrated version of the journey described in Lee's The Biggest Boat I Could Afford  
Week by week, Lee Hughes' epic journey up the US East Coast in 2002-2003

Lac La Biche (Alberta) Sail/Camp Cruise in CL's 1996 by Craig Ramage

Marblehead Lighthouse Cruise, June 2006 by Dick and Margie Harrington

Ferris Bueller Goes Sailing: A lovely, illustrated September 05 sail on Lake Memphremagog   with Erik Beauchamp (W1378)

Wayfarer: Il était un petit navire (2005)  Erik Beauchamp et Vicky Payeur (W1378)

A Wayfarer Cruise in Pakistan (Nov. 2003): Humayun Qureshi

Frank Dye in Toronto Sept. 1999 report, not really a log

Bill Fyfe meets Frank Dye in Sept. '99

Excellent Logs also available on USWA site